About Studio David Laport

Led by David Laport, the Studio is a group of designers, illustrators, producers, tailors and technicians available for commissions, couture appointments, events and creative pursuits. As an ongoing sustainable textile innovator, our approach to circular couture means we never over produce, always developing materials so our projects result in little to no waste. We closely collaborate with every client to ensure the most thoughtful, sustainable solutions remain our focus.


Clients include Bijenkorf, Cartier, Conservatorium Hotel, Dutch National Ballet, Dutch National Theatre, Disney, Eurovision Song Contest, Foam Photography Museum, Gemeentemuseum, HKU, Largo, L’Oréal, Lucasfilm, Oostpool, Richemont Group, Silfridges Group, Tommy Hilfiger, TED, Vlisco, Vogue, Wella, W hotel.

David Laport x G-Star RAW

Introducing ‘Denim After Dark.’ A collaboration by David Laport x G-Star RAW. Fashion designer David Laport is renowned for his signature pleats and slow fashion ethos. ‘Denim After Dark’ merges this with our denim expertise, to create two statement eveningwear pieces.


In collaboration with Maeden, David Laport has developed one special bucket bag, called Canna. Both chic and practical, it embodies the qualities Laport’s design studio is celebrated for: poetically pleated shapes and innovative design. Laport has been delighted to partner with Maeden on this artisan project to highlight The Netherlands’ design heritage and join a collective of prominent Dutch designers.

Celebrity Dressing

We designed and tailored the couture garment for Rihanna to be worn at the Crop Over, a traditional harvest festival which began in Barbados, her home country. Using our own wool-based materials to recreate the look of Ostrich feathers – the end design was filled with movement so that Rihanna floated through the streets with a powerful but playful silhouette. For Solange Knowles we designed and tailored the couture costume to be worn at the MET Gala, where the theme was ​Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. A brief we loved, the bright canary yellow pleated design we created came from a series of experiments in technical fabric design. Innovation was key to making Solange stand out on the red carpet.


Working with the esteemed wax fabric house, we created a series of expressive looks inspired by the merchants of Central and West Africa for the brand’s latest advertising campaign. Beginning with the heritage printed fabrics we worked on designs to bring a celebratory, festive feel to the essence of the campaign. Constantly experimenting with the fabrics to add weight, create softness and adding more embellishments to the fabric finishings, we developed an entirely new contemporary feel, which breathed new life to this historically driven fabric house.

De Bijenkorf

To celebrate the luxury department store’s 150 year anniversary, we designed a very unique couture filled window for the flagship locations that fulfilled the collaboration’s circular and sustainable direction.


Seen by over 182 million people, we were proud to create couture designs for television presenters; Chantal Jansen, Edsilia Rombley, and Nikkie de Jager. We reworked classic designs with a mix of custom textile developments to add dimensions to each design that will translate well and add a festive edge to the televised event. The dresses will be worn during the contest, hosted in our home country.


Innovating the look, feel and weight of wool, we designed six Merino Wool pieces that promoted the diversity and sustainability of this beautiful material. Exploring its versatility, we embraced a spontaneous design process to embark on wool fishnets, crepes and fringed fabrics that allowed for movement and hand craftsmanship, taking the ideal of how to work with wool into a more contemporary mindset. The result was a series of light, transparent designs that sat in contrast with the body.

Premiere Stopera with Dutch National Ballet

In collaboration with choreographer Peter Leung we rethought the tutu with our signature pleated silhouette in mind. Using fraying techniques, hand dying and last minute boduce work the movement and shape of the designs were perfected for the opening night. With the studio working for four weeks, six days a week at 12 hour days, we dressed the corps de ballet for a phenomenal performance for the premiere at Stopera Amsterdam.